Short Takes: Equinox Equalizer

_MG_1343-15Today is the Vernal Equinox, the day when the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west for all of us on Earth, the day when we all have more or less 12 hours of daylight, regardless of our position on this planet (slight variations are due to technicalities: see this explanation from Time and Date

I love the equinoxes for this reason, they are they days of true celestial equality. No matter where you are, we all get the same amount of light today. Even though spring seems slow to come this year, here we are in March, reveling in 12 hours of daylight, even as the thermometer refuses to budge, and the snow banks remain high. The sun is high enough and bright enough that the house was still 72 degrees inside when I got home this evening, just from solar gain, the wood fire long out this morning.

I find that with the lengthening days, my energy and motivation return, and I make time for running in a way I wasn’t able to all winter. Yes, I am running the roads in the village where I work, my local trails still snow covered, and post holing. Regardless, my much needed break is over. What I need now is activity, consistent activity. Even as the thermometer remains stuck below freezing, all our molecules are starting to move faster, enlivened by the ever higher arc of the sun. Listen to them, respond to them, obey them. Summer will be here before you know it.

Sarah O'Malley

About Sarah O'Malley

Sarah is a science educator, naturalist, writer, tide pool fanatic and burgeoning obsessive trail runner. From personal experience she believes strongly in the restorative power of contact with nature, especially experiences that make your heart beat a little faster or get your hands and feet dirty. She lives on the Blue Hill peninsula with her husband and two dogs.