Short Takes: Day 100

_MG_1190-11The hundred day streak ended yesterday, right were all of this started: after work on the trails in the woods behind my house with my dogs. Running that humble 3 mile loop as a way to slough off the aches and pains of a day in the classroom and in my office is what got me running again. Its a touchstone I can return to day after day, month after month when I lose my way, or need to cycle back around to the things that keep me grounded. Late afternoon sunlight, brown oak leaves on the ground, the smell of sweet fern in the air.

I took 100 days to see what my body could do. 346 miles later I’ve just sketched out the barest of contours of what that capability is. Rather than stop, I think I’ll just keep counting. Today is day 101. I think I’ll go for a quick run in the rain.


Sarah O'Malley

About Sarah O'Malley

Sarah is a science educator, naturalist, writer, tide pool fanatic and burgeoning obsessive trail runner. From personal experience she believes strongly in the restorative power of contact with nature, especially experiences that make your heart beat a little faster or get your hands and feet dirty. She lives on the Blue Hill peninsula with her husband and two dogs.