Short Takes: Good Bye Winter

After running Bridge the Gap on Verona Island this morning, I came home to take the dogs for a walk (great for recovery after a 10 mile race). I noticed the faintest shadows of my ski tracks from this winter, ghostly imprints fading fast as the snow melts away. They made me sad for a moment, sad for the season gone by, and made me pause and send an ode of gratitude to the long cold stormy winter of 2013/14. Bridge the Gap is a great race and will become a spring ritual for me, as it is for many, in the years to come, but its the image of those ski tracks that I will dream about tonight.

ski track 1


ski track 2

Sarah O'Malley

About Sarah O'Malley

Sarah is a science educator, naturalist, writer, tide pool fanatic and burgeoning obsessive trail runner. From personal experience she believes strongly in the restorative power of contact with nature, especially experiences that make your heart beat a little faster or get your hands and feet dirty. She lives on the Blue Hill peninsula with her husband and two dogs.